R U Ready 4 Y?

It is no secret that Gen Y employees are changing the dynamics of the workplace.  A number of articles, publications and blogs have been written in the HCM space that attempt to address the undercurrents and implications of these changes.

The values, expectations, viewpoints and experiences between the generations are incredibly different and often in conflict. The struggle and solution, particularly for large, established corporations will not be easy. Welcoming this cohort of talented employees with open arms and a fresh set of eyes is critical. Because failing to make dramatic changes to understand and adapt to the demands of Generation Y will have material impacts to the bottom line.

Currently the majority of leadership and managerial positions in North America and globally are held by individuals that come from the Boomer and X Generations. Generation Y is introducing new dynamics to the work environment and business and HR leaders need to consider practical strategies to ensure their companies are ready.

Ask yourself “R U Ready?”

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