R U Ready 4 Y?

R U READY 4 Y? is the first publication in the R U READY 4 BUSINESS? series. This series will focus on preparing leaders and employees for changes in Human Capital Management that are already bringing about dramatic transformations for businesses across the globe. The need for adaptation and the speed of change will only increase in the next decades.

Welcome to
r u ready 4 business?

Welcome to the R U Ready 4 Business? series

We are committed to contributing thought-leadership in Human Capital Management that provides leaders and employees with:

  • Key Insights Into the Future Business Landscape
  • Practical Tools to Adapt and Prepare for Change
  • Creative Concepts Central to Employee Engagement
  • Provocative Perspectives on Critical HCM Issues.

The first book, R U Ready 4 Y? tackles the controversial and much discussed and debated subject of Millennials in the present and future workplace.  It is an essential read for any business leader, manager or HR professional, seeking to understand the growing differences between generations in the workplace.  It also gives a strong insight for Gen Y into the mindset of other generations within the workplace.

It is predicted that by 2025 over 70% of the workforce in North America will consist of employees from the Millennial generation. The risks to businesses that do not prepare themselves for this reality is significant as organizations compete to attract and retain talent.

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